Water & Soil Libya WATER & SOIL LIBYA
A subsidiary of italian "Water & Soil Remediation Srl"


Water & Soil Libya is a leading company in the reclamation of polluted soil, subsoil and groundwater operating both in Italy and internationally, and the Libyan subsidiary can rely upon a quarter century experience in the field of the environmental remediation of contaminate sites.

Choosing Water & Soil Libya means choosing quality, efficiency and synergy with the Operator. The Company pursues a policy of continuous improvement in order to offer highly innovative and constantly developing systems and technologies that are totally compatible with the productive activities and operations.
Water & Soil Libya benefits from vast experience, accumulated in 25 years of operation in the field of environmental remediation of contaminated sites; such experience is one of the most lenghty, intense and scientifically advanced existing nowadays in this sector.

Water & Soil Remediation has obtained through the years several awards due to its constant effort to express its capabilities while taking into account the priorities coming from the environment respect and the safety issues, working among an Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Integrated System, originally created by the founders of the Company and constantly managed and improved.

Water & Soil Libya - Al Fatah Tower 2 - Suite 208 - Tripoli - Libya