Water & Soil Libya WATER & SOIL LIBYA


WSR is a leading company in the reclamation of polluted soil, subsoil and groundwater operating both in Italy and internationally, and the Libyan subsidiary – Water & Soil Libya – can rely upon a quarter century experience in the field of the environmental remediation of contaminate sites.

The staff is specifically trained to provide Clients with the most effective solutions to restore polluted areas and to improve prevention, especially in the Oil&Gas industry, both upstream and downstream. Water & Soil Remediation has headquarters in Mantua (150 Km South of Milan-Italy) with commercial offices in Rome and Oristano-Sardinia, and it relies upon a team of 95 professionals, the majority with post-graduate degrees in Geology. Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Biology, and a pool of field experienced technicians able to cover the whole Mediterranean basin.

Thanks to innovative technologies and the constant development of remediation systems synergistic with the different operating situations, the company hold a successful record of over a thousand interventions, all based on WSR’s original design and carried out in total autonomy. Water & Soil Remediation owns a large inventory of field/emergency equipment, apt to oil recovery, sludge and oily water treatment, gas emission treatment, health and ecological risk fast mitigation. Since the early 1990s, WSR pioneered Risk Analysis Studies consistent with the procedures approved by the USA’s EPA and the ASTM RBCA.

Water & Soil Libya - Al Fatah Tower 2 - Suite 208 - Tripoli - Libya